Gardening with GROW!

Winter 2022 Class Series 

Pre-registration online or via mail is required. Cost: $10 per class for current GROW! members, $20 per class for nonmembers, or as indicated. Membership information is here. All proceeds support the GROW! Community Garden. Classes will be held at the Kootenai River Inn Ktunaxa Room, unless otherwise noted. SPACE IS LIMITED, SO SIGN UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE using the links for each class or searching here.

Planning & Planting an Orchard in Boundary County
Art Church, instructor
Wed., January 26, 6-8:30pm

In this class, you will learn how to plan and plant an orchard in this area using modern varieties and methods that will surprise you! Even a small backyard has room for growing fruit trees using these methods. The new orchard planting at the Community Garden will serve as a hands-on classroom for demonstrating these techniques. 

Planning & Planting a Garden in Boundary County
Art Church & Gray Henderson, instructors
Wed., February 9, 6-8:30pm

While Boundary County has a relatively short growing season, you can grow well adapted varieties and have a very productive and diverse garden without a greenhouse. Learn how you can succeed from these expert gardeners!

Growing Small Fruits (berries, currants, more) in Boundary County
Supporting Our Local Pollinators

Art Church, instructor
Wed., February 23, 6-8:30pm

Small fruits, including berries, currants, and more unusual fruit that you’ve never heard of can be grown in Boundary County. Learn how to support our pollinators in order to have productive gardens in this region and beyond.

Building a Mason Bee House
Art Church & Gray Henderson, instructors
Sat., February 26, 9am – noon, Paradise Valley Grange Hall

Learn how to raise your own mason bees and create a wood mason bee house with removable parchment channel liners. Supply fee to be determined. This class will be available to those who participated in the Feb. 23 class listed above.

Soil Building and Soil Testing
Art Church & Gray Henderson, instructors
Wed., March 9, 6-8:30pm

It all starts with the soil! Learn how to test and optimize your own garden soil for your particular purposes. Art Church (Master Gardener instructor) and Gray Henderson (retired soil scientist) will teach you how to build and test your soil for optimal garden production. Why guess when you can find out exactly what your garden soil needs? Both organic and synthetic methods for fertilization will be discussed. In addition, using mulch for building soil or for weed control will be discussed.

Orchard Pruning & Organic Pest Protection in your Orchard
Art Church, Kate Painter & Gray Henderson, instructors
Wed., March 23, 6-8:30pm and Sat., March 26, 10am (6755 Kaniksu St. location)

Pruning and pest control are a must in the orchard. We will have both a classroom and a hands-on session for pruning and organic pest control, starting with dormant sprays after pruning. Learn about modern, safe, organic methods for pest control, including codling moth, fire blight, aphids, and more.

Grafting Fruit Trees Supply fee: $10 for GROW! members, $20 for non-members
Gray Henderson, instructor
Sat., Apr. 9, 9am-noon, Paradise Valley Grange Hall

In this class you will receive two apple rootstocks and your choice of scion wood for grafting two apple trees, or you may collect or purchase your own scion wood. More information will be provided to participants before the class.