Gardeners for Regional Organic Wellbeing: GROW!

Boundary County Community Garden

Your community garden!

Supplying garden plots for the Bonners Ferry community since 2009!

Gardeners for Regional Organic Wellbeing: GROW!

The purpose of our grassroots organization, Gardeners for Regional Organic Wellbeing (GROW!)  is to support a local and regional food security system and to advocate for agricultural practices that enhance the ecological independence and economic sustainability of Boundary County. Our goal is to create a self-sufficient, food independent community.

GROW! objectives include:

  1. Provide garden space and gardening support for community members
  2. Provide produce for the local food bank
  3. Provide gardening education and learning opportunities
  4. Provide gardening programs for youth
  5. Provide community service and volunteer opportunities
  6. Provide a meeting place for small scale social, musical and educational events