Tomato Varieties

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Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Slightly flattened, 1 pound tomato that ripens to a pale greenish-yellow (“lime jello green”) with a slight pink blush that extends to the inside. Superb, fruity sweet and slightly spicy taste. Irregular shaped, beefsteak variety. Source: TomatoFest
80 days from transplanting

Black TomatoFest
Beautiful dark mahogany-brown Black Russian heirlooom tomato. Large bushy plants that yield abundant crops of large purple/black 1-lb tomatoes with green shoulders. One of the best tasting black tomatoes with a complex, balanced sweet flavor. Source: TomatoFest
80 days from transplanting

Black Cherry
Large, sprawling, indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous tomato plants that yield abundant crops in huge clusters of 1″, round, deep purple, mahogany-brown cherry tomatoes. Fruits have sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors. Beautiful to mix with other colored cherry tomatoes. Disease resistant. Source: TomatoFest
64 days from transplanting

Black Seaman
Hardy Russian heirloom with rich, tangy tomato flavor, 4 to 8 oz fruits, plum-shaped with ribbed shoulders. Short, potato leaf plants. Determinate.
75 days from transplanting

Blondkopfchen Cherry
Big, leafy, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a phenomenal amount of 1/2″, grape-sized, brilliant yellow/gold, cherry tomatoes in clusters of 20-30. The vines are large and sprawling, so give them plenty of space. One of the BEST TASTING cherry tomatoes. Deliciously sweet with a slight citrusy tart finish. A non-cracking, disease resistant tomato variety that grows well in most climates including cooler growing regions.
65 days from transplanting

Black Krim
This rare and outstanding tomato yields 3-4″ slightly flattened dark-red (mahogany-colored) slightly maroon, beefsteak tomatoes with deep green shoulders. Green gel around seeds. Fantastic, intense, slightly salty taste. Perfect choice for slicing, salads, and cooking. Also suitable for container/patio garden. Indeterminate, regular leaf plants with good yield. Midseason
75 days from transplanting

Early, high yields of red, salad-sized fruit. Developed by Dr. Boe at the UI for Bonner County area. Source: Sandhill Preservation 55 – 70 days from transplanting

Brandy Boy Hybrid
Huge pink Brandywine-type improved heirloom tomato with rich flavor with a rounder form, tidier growth habit, improved disease-resistance, and earlier, bigger yields. Source: Burpee 78 days from transplanting

Brown Derby
Very unusual colored, dark orange and golden brown outside and inside – beautiful ochre coloring with a touch of dark green on the shoulders. Indeterminate, regular leaf plants, that produces medium to large (8-14 oz.) beefsteak-type tomatoes. Very meaty, dense flesh, sweet and mild flavor. Cross made from Aunt Ruby’s German Green and Paul Robeson.
80 days from transplanting

Crimson Carmello
Bred in France for fresh eating, the round red juicy fruits have the perfet sweet to acid balance. Fruit is 4 to 5 inch across. Vigorous, disease resistant indeterminate plants. Renee’s Garden seed. 70 days from transplanting

Csikos Botermo
A rare Hungarian cluster tomato that has lovely yellow stripes on red skin. The orange-red fruits, which measure about 2.5 inches in size, are excellent in salads and for canning. Tart-sweet. Zones 3-8. Source: TomatoFest 65 days from transplanting

Dwarf Wild Fred
Small, dark brown fruit, often lobed or ribbed, with excellent flavor, moderately sweet and intense. An excellent product of the Dwarf Tomato Project resulting from a cross between Carbon X New Big Dwarf. Dwarf indeterminate. 75 days from transplanting

Faribo Goldheart
This prolific orange tomato has 3-inch fruit with delicious nutty flavor. One of my new favorites! TomatoFest seed. 80 days from transplanting

Galinas Yellow Cherry
This favorite yellow cherry has a tangy, citrus-y flavor. Loads of 1.5-inch fruit. TomatoFest seed.
75 days from transplanting

Hybrid Early Doll
One of the earliest tomatoes, these bright red, 4 to 5 oz fruits have an outstanding tomato flavor. Seeds ‘n Such seed. 55 days

Jaune Flamme
Beautiful apricot orange tomato with 4-oz fruit with an excellent fruity flavor. Local seed saver. 70-80 days from transplanting

Polish heirloom tomato with large pink smooth beefsteak tomatoes with outstanding flavor. TomatoFest seed. 74 days from transplanting

Extremely compact, early-ripening tomato developed by the Univ. of Idaho for cold mountain gardens. Bears loads of 2-inch plants on a small ornamental plant. Flavor not outstanding but plant is reliable and it’s good for cooking. Source: Delectation of Tomatoes.
55-60 days from transplanting

Marianna’s Peace
An indeterminate, potato-leaf variety that produces large yields of 1-2 lb., pink, beefsteak tomatoes with exceptionally rich, luscious, complex flavors reminiscent of the finest of those “old-fashioned” tomato flavors. Source: TomatoFest
85 days from transplanting

Melissa Kavkazskaya Ovcharka
Big sweet red tomatoes from Russia with well-balanced flavor, up to 16 oz. Source: Delectation of Tomatoes.
80 days from transplanting

New Yorker
One of the earliest standard-size tomato. High yielding plant has 4 to 6 oz beefsteak-type fruit that will set fruit in cool, short-season conditions. Determinate. Resistant to blossom end rot. Totally Tomatoes seed.
66 days from transplanting

Nicholayev Yellow Cherry
Rare Russian cherry tomato. Semi-determinate, regular leaf plant produces huge amounts of 3/4-inch, bright-yellow, round to oval cherry tomatoes. Another Russian variety that produces fruit even in cooler growing regions. Disease resistant.
70 days from transplanting

Paul Robeson
Dark, dusky-red tomato has dark green shoulders and red flesh. Award-winning flavor is amazing, described as earth, exotic and well-balanced. Slightly flattened round fruit grows to 4 inches. Tomatofest seed.
74 days from transplanting

Polish Giant

Regular leaf heirloom variety from Poland. Producing abundant quantities of 1-2 lb. dark pink with big, well-balanced flavors. Great variety for fresh market and impressing tomato loving friends.
81 days from transplanting

Red Pride
High yields on vigorous, compact plants. Has superb flavor, very reliable production of 10-oz fruit that is resistant to wilt. Determinate. From the Andes.
78 days from transplanting

San Marzano
Compact and prolific producer of bright-red, slim, 2-3 inch, plum-type, tomatoes over a long season. A paste tomato with a pointy end, heavy walls, a few seeds, and little juice, so it’s great for a delicious tomato sauce. Crack-resistant.
70 days from transplanting

Shenghaung Cherry
This 5′, indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces an abundance of beautiful red, round, 1-inch, cherries filled with sweet but slightly tart flavors. My favorite red cherry!
75 days from transplanting

Summer Girl Hybrid
Round 5-6 oz. fruit are a full 1.5 oz. bigger than Early Girl, with a yield 20% larger. Plants feature exceptional disease tolerance (verticillium and fusarium). DIDN’T PERFORM AS ADVERTISED FOR ME IN 2022. 50 days from transplanting

Sungold Hybrid Cherry
Amazing sweet-tart flavor in this gold cherry tomato. Very productive, with an early developing rich flavor. Perfect for snacking in the garden!
65 days from transplanting

Sunset’s Red Horizon
Native to Southern Russia. Huge, 4-6″, meaty, heart-shaped, delicious tomatoes are proven resistant to cold and frost. Source: TomatoFest
65 days from transplanting

Super Sauce Hybrid
Weighing in at 2 lb., a whopping 5.5″ tall x 5″ wide, SuperSauce is very productive as well. Indeterminate, disease-free plants yield a summer-long supply of the exquisitely flavored marinara, tomato gravy or meat sauce plus plenty for salads and slicing. NOTE: HAD SOME BLOSSOM END ROT IN 2022 BUT IT GREW OUT OF IT.
70 days from transplanting

Super Sioux
From Nebraska. Perfect variety for hot and dry climates. Semi-determinate, regular leaf plant produces big sets of crack-free, thick-skinned, round, medium-sized (4-5 oz.), red fruit. Good complex, earthy flavors with sweetness balanced with a pronounced tartness. Good acid levels make it even a better variety for canning. Good wilt resistance. 70 days from transplanting

Sweet Scarlet Dwarf
Determinate, dwarf, rugose, potato leaf plants produce a heavy yield of 6-16oz., oblate, smooth red tomatoes that offer exceptional, robust, complex flavors. Thought to be one of the best flavored of the new Dwarf varieties. 75 days from transplanting

Thornburn’s Terracotta
Beefsteak-type indeterminate fruits have attractive skins in varying shade of terra-cotta, orange-pink flesh and green seed gel. Very eye-catching and amazingly delicious! Cooks down into a pumpkin-orange sauce with a floral aroma. Introduced in 1893 by a New York seedsman, James Thornburn. 75 days

Short indeterminate heirloom produces delicious 2.5 to 3 inch tomatoes. One of the best early varieties, excellent for cool season areas. TomatoFest seed
60 days from transplanting